I know it's been forever, but here it is. My first blogpost with photos from the US. Even though I've spent most of the time in Chicago, I'm starting with New York, because I have amazing (in my opinion) snaps to share with you. 
This is a collection, as I like to call it :P, of 16 photographs, that I took while strolling through New York. The pics feature people who intrigued me in many different ways, so that's how I took the photos. Hope you like them at least half as much as I do and pleeeeeease forgive me for the blur in some of these, it was hard to snap a pic without people noticing, haha! LOVE, Carodle 



  1. omg jak świetnie ! czekam na więcej zdjęć Carodle <3

    1. dziękuje Ania!! <3 niedługo dodam jakieś nowe :D

  2. Wow I love your photots, so amazing. They show me the real New York feeling.
    Petra xx