Hey, everyone!
Today I want to share with you my newest beauty discovery - COFFEE SCRUB. It is all natural, costs a minimal price and gives amazing effects. Here are the benefits of the one and only coffee scrub.
  • caffeine temporarily reduces the apearance of cellulite
  • prevents from premature aging 
  • exfoliates like nothing else
  • caffeine increases blood flow
  • leaves you skin smooth and soft 

Not to mention a bonus a.k.a. feeling the beautiful smell of coffee on your body. :)
 I hope you'll try it out!

4 tbsp of ground coffee (brewed is the best but not necessary)
1,5 tbsp of salt
0,5 tbsp of cinnamon
3 tbsp of water

There's not much to say about it. All you need to do is combine all the dry ingredients together and add water right before using it to avoid watery consistency. Use it on your body while in the shower and enjoy the softest skin after all :)

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